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NDMI Rocks again!

NDMI (New Dance Music International) Rocks again!
After series of Album/tracks released this year, NDMI never stop to amazed us with awesome Dancesport Music!
Headed by Alessandro Olivato and his team: DJ Maksy, DJ Ice, DJ Avera, DJ Antoine & Watazu brings you series of dancesport/ballroom music tracks for your practice, show-dance and competitive-dancing-music experience.

Listen, stream and Download few of the Dancesport/Ballroom Music album/tracks below!

NDMI started back from 2010 founded and managed by Alessandro Olivato. A company and one of the trusted Producer of Dancesport/Ballroom Music. Visit their official website for more Dancesport Music Hits!

More Dancesport Music in CDs here:
Dancesport Watazu CD

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